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Electronics R&D



Earth Heated Home Monitoring System

We are currently working on a system to monitor temperature and humidity down the earth tubes of an earth heated home (ours). Thermocouples would have been the natural choice for this application, however we wanted absolute accuracy in the order of 1 degree F, and obtaining this using thermocouples is difficult. Thermocouples also present a problem in that there would be very long runs to a common location where temperature compensation could occur.

We have elected instead to use highly accurate sensors from Analog Devices. Each of the sensor modules has an ADT7310 connected to a small Microchip pic18F2321 microcontroller which can communicate with up hole electronics via either extended I2C or RS485. Temperature accuracy of the ADT7310 is typically +/- 0.05 deg C, with an absolute maximum error of 0.5 deg C over a temperature range of -40C to +105C.

EHH Monitoring Station


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